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Remodeling and home building since 1998.

We don't work out of a truck. Ecodwell has an office in Lincoln Park where clients are welcome anytime, for any reason. But don't think that makes us pricier - we've got some of the most competitive prices in town on the best materials in the industry. When we get deals we pass along the savings to you. Our cost-effective business practices benefit everyone - especially you!

Dream Town Builders is an established Chicago home construction and remodeling company and we want you to know we're the real deal. Founder Avi Ron has been in construction since 1989. He started the firm in 1998 and has integrated a top-notch team of home construction experts, architects, interior designers, suppliers and subcontractors. Everything you need under one roof.

You can always come by for a fresh-brewed cappuccino and to talk about your building or renovation options. Remember, no job is too small. From painting a room to designing a house, we provide a superior level of professional performance for every project and every client.

Top 10 Reasons to call Ecodwell for your next home improvement project:

  1. Our focus is Chicago home construction and remodeling. We know city zoning regulations, who the finest subcontractors in the area are, and where to get the best deals on supplies.
  2. Ecodwell has some of the most competitive prices in the industry, so you’ll pay less for the highest quality materials.
  3. We aren’t working out of a truck as a fly-by-night operation. We’re an established company with an office in Lincoln Park and an open invitation for clients to come in whenever you please.
  4. We’ve been in business since 1998. Founder Avi Ron has over two decades of Chicago construction under his belt and spent years before that assisting his father in the family workshop.
  5. No job is too small, we do it all. Whether you just need a bathroom painted or want to remodel your entire home, we take pride in every project.
  6. We handle every detail, from permits to cleanup. We’ll even let your neighbors know about any potential noise or inconveniences to expect.
  7. Everything under one roof. We collaborate with a network of professionals, including architects, interior designers, sub-contractors and other trades.
  8. Ecodwell is a licensed home construction and renovation contractor in the City of Chicago.
  9. We hold workman’s comp and liability insurance to protect both you and our workers on every single job.
  10. All projects are completed within a designated timeline and we guarantee respectful treatment of your property through every level of the process.

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"We view every project as a priority. You can trust that jobs as small as painting a single room are treated with the same care and craftsmanship as new home construction."

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