Chicago New Homes

Chicago New Homes

Chicago Home Construction.

Ecodwell has a well-established core of new home construction specialists. We have years of experience building residences in the city and suburbs of Chicago. Our housing designs and custom work provide quality, made-to-order homes for all budgets.

Chicago Residential Construction

Ecodwell is an expert in Chicago's residential construction industry. We specialize in single-family homes and luxury residences, but our repertoire extends to all types of housing. We have an inside understanding of the detailed knowledge, trade skills and management necessary to design and construct lasting Chicago homes.

Steps for Chicago New Home Construction:

  1. Plan Discussion - We sit down with you to talk about your hopes and expectations for your dream home. Location, size, style, amenities, special needs, budgets, and everything else that is important to you. We alleviate any concerns and facilitate an appropriate path to your new home goals.

  2. Lot Selection - Have a property you want to build on? Ecodwell works with your existing land and Chicago zoning restrictions to craft your ideal home from Square One. We have dozens of pre-drafted floor plans, specially designed to fit standard city lots. Every layout can be customized to suit your preferences, or we can create a completely original blueprint.

    Need a lot? Dream Town Builders helps you shop around for that perfect Chicago location. We check the zoning and help you budget for both land purchase and construction.

  3. Budgeting, Pricing and Timeframe - Ecodwell takes into account every penny that goes into the home construction process. We put together an accurate and straightforward budget that includes every expense, from building permits to landscaping. No surprises later on with additional fees or extra charges, it's all laid out beforehand.

    Ecodwell provides competitive prices through the use of our seasoned team of architects, contractors, designers and trade workers. If you have a particular architect or interior designer you want to use, we factor in the difference to give you a complete budget, tallying up all expenditures from start to finish.

    No "wondering when you'll be able to move in." We've been in this field long enough to accurately pinpoint a finish date. We draw up a viable timetable for the project so you know just when to book the movers.

  4. Architecture - Design your home with one of our preferred architects or bring in your own to prepare the drafts. We merge your input and personal needs with our expertise and knowledge of Chicago construction to draw up a blueprint of your dream home.

    Over time, we've built up an impressive catalog of different floor plans that correspond to residential lot sizes in Chicago. Ecodwell can customize any of our plans to suit your wishes, or we can start from scratch to create a totally unique home design.

  5. Details - Your home starts to take shape as you pick the flooring and paint colors, select appliances and countertops, choose hardware and sink fixtures… Ecodwell walks you through each decision, helping you select the best materials and features for your budget and individual requirements.

    No need to feel overwhelmed - we let you control your level of involvement. Be there every step of the way, choosing every finish yourself; or leave it up to us and our professional team of designers to craft a comfortable living space catered to your individual style.

  6. Permits and Financing - Ecodwell has been in the business a long time and we're established within the Chicago construction community. You benefit from our familiarity and understanding of the local industry with a swift processing phase. We take care of every aspect quickly and easily, from confirming the zoning and obtaining the building permits to getting bargains on construction materials.

    We handle the formalities and acquire all the official paperwork. We've built relationships with several local banking institutions and we're more than happy to supply you with a list of reliable lenders to help finance the construction of your new home.

  7. Construction Management - Ecodwell coordinates the various crews and trades to carry out each stage of construction in a punctual and well-organized fashion. Instead of throwing a bunch of contractors at a job and hoping it goes smoothly, we synchronize every level of construction and use trusted craftsmen with a proven track record of superior handiwork. Never be hassled with incomplete work, shoddy construction or unsatisfactory results… We take responsibility for our commitment to you and our promise to build the home of your dreams, on time and in budget.

  8. Close-Out and Punch Lists - Prior to moving in, we walk you through your brand new home to look over the completed work and ensure you're satisfied with the job. Ecodwell gives you a brief tutorial on the home's upkeep and system operations. We fill out a "punch list" of any flaws or imperfections that require fixing before move in.

  9. One Year Warranty - Ecodwell provides new homeowners with a one-year warranty. After move-in, any blemishes or issues due to construction that you discover are taken care of promptly and at no cost to you.

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