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Expert Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is another area that can bring value to a home with a well-designed renovation. Even a small bathroom with the right upgrades will be seen as an asset to buyers. There are many elements to consider when remodeling a bathroom and, because of the plumbing aspect, it can get a bit technical. Ecodwell will walk you through the necessary decisions and help you choose materials, appliances and a layout that work with your vision and budget.

  • Style - Do you want a traditional look or a more modern feel? Like the clean lines and natural elements of a "Zen spa," or think the ornate molding and elaborate accents of a classic powder room more suits your style? Collect magazine pictures and other examples of interior décor you are fond of and we'll assist you in finding finishes and appliances that go along with that theme.

  • Layout - If you are not going to expand the square footage, your layout will have to configure to the current allotment of space. However, you can increase the bathroom size by either adding on to the home or extending the floor plan into another existing room. Arrangement of appliances, vanity, etc can create a traffic flow that works well with the space and makes the bathroom seem bigger.

  • Finishes – The overall motif of your bathroom is defined by the finishes. Everything you choose, from the tiling to the towel rods will contribute to the look and feel of the final product. Having a color scheme can make it easier to pick out paint shades, window treatments, flooring, the vanity, and appliances. Other finishes include mirrors, decorative accents such as moldings, and luxury extras like radiant heated floors.

  • Fixtures - In any bathroom remodel, the fixtures are a major component. There are many different types of toilets, sinks, tubs and showers, not to mention faucets, hardware and lighting. Glass door showers make a room appear larger and low-flow toilets conserve water. We can help you select quality products that best serve your needs and are consistent with the style you want.

  • Bathroom Contractors - Bathroom renovation requires skilled hands in several areas of expertise. Our contractor enlists experienced professionals to do each job and supervises the project to ensure prompt completion. Ecodwell guarantees superior work and a beautiful bathroom that fully meets your expectations.

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