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Remodeling your Chicago home is a big deal and you need someone competent, experienced and trustworthy to ensure everything goes as planned. That's why one of the first steps in home remodeling is to find a great contractor to oversee your project. As the founder and lead contractor for Ecodwell, Avi Ron personally supervises every project we take on. He is a 20-year veteran in the field and he knows Chicago home construction inside and out. Read more about Avi Ron.


Ecodwell Subcontractors Specializations include:

  • Demolition - we salvage materials that can be reused in the remodel to save both money and the environment
  • Excavator - we rent sophisticated excavation equipment to ensure precision digging and speed up the process
  • Carpenter – our trades are master craftsmen that take pride in every task, from framing walls to creating custom staircases
  • Roofer – necessary for most additions and many room extensions
  • Plumber – pipes are installed and appliances added later for minimal risk of scratching or blemishes as other work is completed
  • Electrician – basic set-up or high-tech wiring for audio, we cater to your personal preferences
  • Insulation – we advise you on the best type and adequate amount to increase your home's energy efficiency in Chicago's climate of extreme temperatures
  • Drywaller – we don't like to waste materials or time, so our wallboard calculations are exact and a typical room only takes about an hour to hang
  • Plasterers – our specialists can handle any cornice piece or decorative detail your remodeling plan entails
  • Painters – quick and precise, our painters are meticulous with a brush and roller
  • Floorers – we install high-quality floors that endure the daily stresses of regular wear and tear

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Remodeling Plans

Most Chicago home remodeling projects start with a vision. You have a picture in your head, perhaps you even have the color scheme picked out... The next step is to turn your vision into a plan. This often requires the expert hand of an architect. But even before you sit down with the pros, make a sketch of your own. This will give our architect an idea of your vision. Avi has a good eye for space and details and he'll help you form a realistic plan. Then he'll meet with you and the architect to draw up official blueprints for your home remodeling project.

Remodeling Cost

Ecodwell will develop a full cost analysis for your Chicago home remodeling project. We offer very competitive prices and pass down cost savings to you every chance we get. We've scouted out the most affordable suppliers with the best materials and are able to consolidate purchases to save even more for all of our clients.

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"We view every project as a priority. You can trust that jobs as small as painting a single room are treated with the same care and craftsmanship as new home construction."

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