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Even if you don't consider it a room in the house, the garage is a very important part of your property. A garage remodel can easily increase the salability of your home and just think how much you'll love that nice, covered spot to park your car! Ecodwell can do any level of garage reconstruction necessary: build it from scratch, modernize an old carriage house, rehab a dilapidated structure, or install state-of-the-art features.

Considerations for Garage Remodeling:

  • Function - First and foremost, identify the purpose a garage has for your lifestyle. Do you need to park a car/bicycle/boat in it? Will it be used for storage/laundry/workshop? What sort of shelving/cabinets should it have? Will it hold a second freezer or other large appliances? What kind of tools or lawn equipment does it need to store? Will it need to be heated?

  • Flooring - The garage floor gets a lot of wear and tear over the years, so using a quality material is imperative. Traditionally, garage floors are made with concrete because it is relatively inexpensive and durable. However, new technology has created longer-lasting, more attractive alternatives to the basic concrete pad. Some specialty tiles have beneficial characteristics such as protection against moisture and hazardous materials. Others have unique treads and patterns for better grip and performance. We educate you on today's best options for heavy-duty flooring and install your choice with precision skill.

  • Storage - Other than housing vehicles, the garage's second-most common utility is storage. Storage space can be maximized with cupboards, shelves, wracks, closets, compartments, and a whole host of other space-savers. Our garage remodeling experts will help design custom storage components for your personal needs.

  • Exterior - As part of your home, the garage should maintain some exterior continuity with the residence. Usually this isn't a question with attached garages, but detached structures may require a more conscientious consideration to "match" the home's outward appearance. From siding and windows to roofing and ornamentation, we ensure your garage renovations complement your existing home and echo its architectural fa├žade.

  • Accessibility - In Chicago, garage accessibility is very dependent on your lot. Do you enter the garage from the street, or from a back alley? Is the lot conducive to an attached garage with interior access to your home, or is a detached garage with entry through an exterior back door more applicable? Think about your preferences and what your objectives are for your garage remodel.

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