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Ecodwell will paint your home, inside and out. Want to change a color in the family room? Or need the entire exterior of your house power washed and repainted? We do every level of home painting. Our specialists have experience in all types of wall treatments and can recommend the best technique for your particular project.

Examples of painting services offered by Ecodwell:

  • Priming
  • Interior Painting
  • Exteriors
  • Stains/Varnish
  • Trim/Woodwork
  • Decorative Finishes
  • Custom Colors
  • Textured Treatments
  • Wood Stripping
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Deck/Fence

Paint Types and Terms:

Latex – Most commonly used paint for home interiors. It is a water-based or water thinned paint that cleans up with soap and water. It dries quickly and has a weaker odor than oil-base paint. The flexible quality holds up to movement and it can help protect against mildew.

Alkyd/Oil-Base – Not often used in home interiors anymore, except possibly for trim, cabinetry, floors and high-use areas. It requires a chemical-based solution to clean and has a strong odor that releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Low VOC – Contains lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and emits less odor. Check the label for specific information, as low VOC paints vary. Look for the Green Seal GS-11 Standard (maximum VOC of 50 g/L for flat paint, 150 g/L for other finishes), or cans with a VOC range of 10 – 25 g/L for an even safer rating.

Zero or No VOC – Refers to paints with extremely low VOC levels (generally under 5 g/L).

Non-Toxin/Natural – Made with all natural components, which makes it harder to find and more expensive than regular paint. It does not cover as well as latex paint either.

Flat – Has a matte finish that helps disguise blemishes or small imperfections in surfaces. It is harder to clean than gloss paint finishes, so it is often used for ceilings and rooms that have less wear and tear.

Satin Finish/Eggshell – Has a soft sheen that resembles the outer surface of an eggshell. It is more stain resistant and easier to clean than a flat finish so it’s good for high-use areas, such as kitchens, hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, kids’ bedrooms and family rooms.

Semi Gloss – Even more stain resistant and durable than satin finish, semi gloss is frequently used on surfaces that are touched a lot, such as banisters, railings, kitchen cabinets, windowsills, and front doors. It also helps protect against moisture in bathrooms.

Gloss – This is the hardest finish typically used in a home, which makes it the most durable and easiest to clean. Like semi gloss, it is a good choice for surfaces with heavy wear. However, due to the shiny appearance, imperfections in a gloss finish are more visible.

Primer – Goes on before the finish paint to coat the surface and provide a blank canvas for the color. Use primer on bare wood or surfaces, walls that were previously painted a darker color than the one you want to apply, or areas that have been repaired.

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