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As you already know, kitchen and bath remodels are among the most common major home improvement projects. Other rooms that are typically the first to get makeovers are the master bedroom, family/bonus room, and the home office. They are spaces with a purpose that are also well-used areas of the house. What’s more, the rooms can be excellent selling points later on when you are ready to move.

Master Bedroom

Bedroom Remodeling

Having a master suite is considered a standard in today’s residential real estate market. Practically all new homes with more than one bedroom and bathroom have a master suite. If you are going to redo your master bedroom, you should seriously consider including the en suite bath in your plans.

Considerations for Master Bedroom Remodels:

  1. Smaller master bedrooms can be made to feel bigger by raising the ceiling to follow the roofline instead of having a flat ceiling
  2. Skylights and additional windows increase natural light and make the room more open
  3. Add an en suite bathroom with separate shower, soaking tub and dual sinks
  4. Design the room around the bed – it is the centerpiece of the space and should be the focal point of the room
  5. Walk-in/organized closets are always a plus!

Family Room

Family Room Renovation

The family or bonus room is an important part of the house because it often serves as the main hangout. It is traditionally a less formal spot than the living room and is viewed as a comfy, relaxed retreat in the residence.

The addition of a family room is a customary home improvement project. In Chicago, Ecodwell knows how to make the most of your family room remodel. Extending the first level to include a family room is fairly straightforward in suburban areas, but even in Chicago’s limited city lots, we have found creative ways to maximize space.

No matter where you live, it’s critical to design your family room around its purpose and how it will be used. Is it going to be where you watch TV? Or perhaps a game room with a pool table? What about a playroom for the little ones? Maybe it’s big enough to make a few separate sections. We’ll help layout your options and ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Some home designs are better suited for the addition of a bonus room. A bonus room is generally fashioned out of the attic or the lower level as extra space for recreation. It’s a great way to increase square footage and has versatility to evolve as needed throughout the various stages of your life.

Home Office

Office Remodeling

In today’s world, the home office has never been so important. Many people conduct business from home on a daily basis and need a spot to be “plugged in” and online. Ecodwell can turn a regular old room into a state-of-the-art headquarters, with all the comforts of home.

Considerations for Remodeling Your Home Office:

  1. Will it be your primary place of business, or more a quiet area to get some work done while at home?
  2. How important is privacy? A separate exterior entrance? A designated washroom?
  3. Will clients/business associates visit you there? Do you need a conference table or seating area?
  4. What type of work space do you need – Desk with computer? Table with room for physical projects? Shelving to store products?
  5. Will it qualify you for a tax write-off? What type of records will you need to keep track of to claim the deduction?

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